Saturday, 12 May 2012

Recount in Glasgow

A recount is to be held for the Langside ward of Glasgow after it emerged that 385 ballot papers weren't included in the count.

The ward returned one Labour, one SNP and one Green councillors after the original result was announced last Friday - a Green gain from the leader of the Lib Dem group:

Party Candidate 1st Prefs Vote Share Elected?
Labour Archie Graham 2,320 35.8% Yes
SNP Susan Aitken 1,822 28.1% Yes
SNP Alex Hewetson 615 9.5%
Green Liam Hainey 551 8.5% Yes
Conservative Russell Munn 478 7.4%
Lib Dems Paul Coleshill 470 7.3%
TUSC Ronnie Stevenson 157 2.4%
Glasgow 1st Cayleigh Dornan 67 1.0%

While the Labour and SNP seats are safe, the Greens won narrowly ahead of the Lib Dems and the second SNP candidate in the final rounds - and the 385 missing ballots could theoretically swing the result in favour of one of these other candidates.

The council is currently awaiting approval from Glasgow Sheriff Court to overturn the declared result and undertake a recount to include the missing ballot papers.  The recount is expected to take place some time next week.

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