Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rescheduled Election Result: Dunoon

On Thursday, voters in Dunoon went to the polls to elect their three councillors after the local elections there were delayed due to the death of one of the SNP candidates.

The result was a hold for each of the sitting independent councillors as well as an SNP hold:

Party Candidate 1st Prefs Vote Share Elected?
Independent Dick Walsh 777 32.8% Yes
SNP Michael Breslin 663 28.0% Yes
Independent Jimmy McQueen 432 18.3% Yes
Labour Mick Rice 296 12.5%
Lib Dems Tony Miles 105 4.4%
Conservative William Green 94 4.0%

As with the rest of the elections held a week earlier, turnout was down significantly on 2007.  Walsh and MacAlister were both elected on first preferences with Walsh gaining the largest increase in first preference share over 2007, while MacAlister also managed to add to the SNP share.

The other independent McQueen saw his vote share fall back a little on 2007, but still won the third seat comfortably ahead of Labour, who only made a slight improvement on their last performance here.  Meanwhile, the Lib Dems and the Conservatives both lost ground, each polling below 5%.

The final composition of Argyll and Bute Council gives the Independent-SNP administration a whopping majority over the Conservative and Lib Dem opposition, while Labour continue to have no representation here:

 Argyll and Bute Council
Lib Dems4


  1. The SNP candidate this time wasn't Alister MacAlister.

    1. Thanks, I should have noticed that. This is why copy and paste is a bad idea...