Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Labour List MSP Stands Down

Mid Scotland and Fife MSP John Park is to officially resign his seat in Holyrood next week.  The Labour member, first elected in 2007, has accepted a new role as the trade union Community's new policy and strategy director.

As per usual for regional list seats, there will be no by-election and Park will instead by automatically replaced by the next Labour member from the party's candidate list in the 2011 elections.  In this case the next candidate, and soon to be the new MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, was Jayne Baxter.

After missing out on a Holyrood seat in 2011, Baxter went on to win a seat on Fife Council in the Cowdenbeath ward in May of this year.  Although no official statement has yet been given, it seems highly likely that a by-election will be called in the ultra-safe Labour ward shortly after Baxter takes up her new post.