Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Defection Watch: Edinburgh SNP Cllr Quits Party

Cllr Jim Orr (Edinburgh, Southside/Newington) has quit the SNP to sit instead as an Independent councillor.  He blamed "far too many internal spats" for feeling unable to continue to work with the SNP though other SNP sources claim that he was "jumping before he was pushed".  Orr was vice-convenor of the city council's transport and environment committee, and known as a eager supporter of cycling, campaigning for more improvements in Edinburgh's cycling infrastructure.

Southside/Newington, like most of Edinburgh's central wards, is extremely marginal with four different parties holding its four seats.  In 2012, the Greens narrowly topped the poll here albeit with only 20% of the first preference votes. Labour were second with 19.8%, Cllr Orr then for the SNP came third with 18.3%, while the Conservatives took the last seat with 16.7%.  The full 2012 result for the ward is available here.  The ward itself is dominated by the student community of the University of Edinburgh, although large numbers of affluent professionals also live in the area.

Edinburgh itself has had a rather unusual Labour-SNP "grand coalition" administration since 2012, whose overall majority still remains.

New council composition -
Labour - 20
SNP - 17 (-1)
Conservative - 11
Green - 6
Lib Dems - 3
Independent - 1 (+1)

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